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Rules and Regulations

1. All Contestants must perform their program from memory regardless of Royal Conservatory Examination requirements. The use of music will result in adjudication only: no mark will be given. Exceptions: Piano Studies, Duets, Ensembles, String Sonatas, Winds.
2. No rehearsing is permitted on stage.
3. A piece may not be used in more than one class.
4. Contestants may enter once only in any class.
5. Contestants may enter any number of classes for which they qualify.
6. Contestants must enter at the grade level they are currently studying.
7. Contestants must supply an original copy of music to the Festival for the adjudicator on the day of the competition.
8. Instrumentalists must provide own accompanists and page turner (if needed).
9. Parents, teachers and contestants are not permitted to converse or approach the adjudicator during the Festival.
10. Decisions of the adjudicator and the awards of the Festival Board shall be final.
11. The Festival Board reserves the right to substitute or appoint additional adjudicators.
12. Adjudicators retain the right to award any award, or not to award at all.
13. Classes may be divided or combined at the discretion of the Festival board.
14. Contestants coached from the audience during the competitions will be disqualified.
15. Time limits MUST be observed where specified. All pieces must be played without repeats. Da Capos and Dal Segnos must be observed.
16. Any use of photocopied material by contestants or accompanists will result in disqualification.
17. The use of cameras or video recorders is not allowed during the performance or adjudication
18. The Festival board will not be responsible for the loss or damage to musical instruments or other property.
19. If there are any complaints, the Contestant shall express them in writing and e-mail the Festival staff. Appropriate e-mail address can be found on www.etobicokemusicfestival.org